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Colorism: A Issue That Is Not Stupid

The other day I heard a comment that disturbed because it came from two young African American men. It was meant as a joke, which basically called the girl, who was African American, black as tar. These kinds jokes which can be damaging to a person self esteem is just one of the factors within an issue we call colorism.

This idea centers on the idea of racism within our community because of a person skin tone. This idea not only is geared towards darker skinned African Americans. There is also an idea also that if you are light skinned that your are prettier or smarter than your darker counter parts.

As I stated before, this idea can have a bad effect on a person self esteem. I am a medium skinned sister and I have heard these comments. They can make a person feel (especially if your self-esteem is not that high) like they are less of a person. This is a practice does not but hurt the African American community by making someone feel like they are not good enough.

I hope that is small article helps to may be bring to light one of the things that can make a person feel less beautiful. If you hear one of those kinds of jokes again I hope



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